Hello, Welcome to Green Scene

Green Scene is a program that aims to provide you with an opportunity to have rare and expensive plants without any long term or heavy financial commitments

Swinging Chair

Getting Started

Plant owner Cara will come do a house visit, where we look at your lighting situation, available space, and your preferences in plant styling. You must live in Guelph! $25 Monthly fee, registration opens in March! You will also receive a one time sign up gift of useful plant care accessories.

How It Works

Once a month Cara will come and swap out your plant with a brand new one. Plants will be chosen based on what will live most compatibly in your environment, and upon delivery you will receive proper care instructions. This is an interactive program, you will be reqired to send weekly updates on the progress of your plant and all the care you have given them. Any questions or concerns will then be adressed as well.

Green House

Member Benefits

In addition to having awesome plants, members will have the option to join a priority client list and be first to know exclusive store info. You will be the first to receive new plant availability, know about special events in the plant community, and enjoy in-store discounts.