Indoor ferns are ferns that naturally grow in warm, humid, and semi bright areas. They are most commonly found in swampy areas, near ravines, or in jungle forests.  Tropical ferns require high levels of humidity, and bright but indirect light. They are perfect for a bathroom with a skylight or window.


Ferns require bright, but indirect light. A north or east facing window sill is a good location for a fern, or out of direct sunlight from a west or south facing window. 


Ferns are thirsty plants, and will need to be kept evenly moist. If a fern becomes too dry, its fronds will become crispy and the plant will die. Let your fern dry slightly, just enough that the soil is no longer wet, but still has moisture, then water it thoroughly. 
Ferns require high humidity, and should be misted regularly. You can also place ferns on a pebble tray, (be sure that the bottom of the pot is not sitting in water) and the fern will absorb the moisture from the evaporating water.


Ferns are very delicate, and can be sensitive to fertilizers. Use a diluted solution,  and be sure to water with clear water several times before watering. Be sure not to get the solution on the fronds, as it may burn them.